A Brief Message

The following is a summary of the most important message ever written.  It is a true story:


A Brief Message

In the very beginning, before there was space or time,

The heavens and earth were made by a Mastermind.

He spoke and there was at the sound of his voice

A world of beings much like Him,

Beings that could live, that could laugh and rejoice

In the joy of residing in Him.


He filled all the earth with life, light, day and night,

That His creatures may live to be free,

Free to live, free to love, free to worship him above

So long as in Him they would be.


But these beings would soon lose their focus on Him

And no longer be free to be free.

It wouldn’t be long ‘till they lost sight of Him

And began to ask “Hey how ‘bout me?”


The first fall of man was a most dreadful day of sin

When he turned toward himself and began a search for joy from within.

On that very same day, when man turned from God,

The earth was emptied of light;

That which was perfect, or pleasing, or pure

Was suddenly painful—not right.


A man’s need for his God was no longer filled

And his flesh was seizéd with fear.

His longing for love was no longer met,

And his God was no longer near.


Helpless and lonely, confused and lost,

Man stood no chance against hell.

He surely would die or be buried alive

If God did not then make all well.


But the Good God of Heaven did see His creations distress;

He came to man’s rescue and saved him from damnly arrest.

So the Word became flesh to suffer in sorrow

To feel the burnings of hell;

He came down to bring up his beings that had left Him

And gain what was lost when they fell.


The Masterful Artist Creator of All

Was thus hung to die on a Cross,

To save his creation from infinite fall,

To gain what they selfishly lost.


Now all who believe and follow His steps

May once more be made to be free,

Free to live, free to love, free to worship Him above

So long as in Him they will be.

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