A Post Note

Decorous reader,

You have probably come to this blog today looking for the weekly post.  If that is the case then I have for you a piece of good news and a piece of bad news: (1) there is no post today (beyond this note) and (2) we are about to begin a week of poetry posts.  (I will leave it up to you to decide which of those is the good news.)

It is going to be a new tradition on this blog to have, every once in a while, a week of poetry (one poem every day of the week).  I think it should have some kind of fancy name like “Poetry Extravaganza” or “A Paroxysm of Poetry”.  I think I’ll go with the latter of these because I like the connotation of this being a sudden out bursting of poetry, a “poetry spasm,” and the former option just sounds silly.

Anyway, look for the first post of this “Paroxysm of Poetry” next Sunday.  The theme this week is solitude.

Your fickle friend,


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