Furor Impius

See my English translation following the selection.

“Asper tum positis mitescet saecula bellis;

cana Fides et Vesta, Remo cum fratre Quirinius

iura dabunt; dirae ferro et compagibus artis

claudentur Belli portae; Furor impius intus

saeva sedens super arma et centum vinctus aenis

post tergum nodis fremet horridus ore cruento.”

-Aeneid 291-6

Original Translation:

Bitter then the times shall mitigate,

setting wars aside; Quirinius,

Brother Remus, with Hoary Faith and Vesta,

justice then shall grant them—

dire the gates of War shall be secured,

fitting close with the fastening violent iron seal;

Rage, sitting impious within,

bound above, with brazen, behind his back

knots a hundred, cruel arms, horrible,

he shall roar with bloodied face.


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