Prudence with Cliffs

Ernest’s letter was as excellent as we anticipated. Please go read it and follow his blog if you have not already.

Rivulet of Reason

My most sesquipedalian Theodor,

Having not heard from you in quite some time it seems only fitting to thank you for a most noble letter; your fairest of rhetoric is truly cherished.

I admit I chortled adamantly at your pointed reference, for you know most certainly I am that charismatic fool looking to leap off a cliff. But it is, most naturally, just the point I shall attempt to explore, as clarification is certainly in order, at which point I will have certainly persuaded¹  you to once again recognise my unerring nature, or at the very least, and all the more probable, titter at my attempts.

For verification sake, I recognise your allusion to the winsome man, his inauspicious friends, and the menacing cliff as an alternate analysis of the tale a mother might pass along to a naïve child who would like to go to the theatre…

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