Swimming Upstream

Here’s Ernest’s letter. I will not be able to respond this week, but I look forward to doing so in the near future.

Rivulet of Reason

My keen and discerning Theodor,

As I ponder over your letter I can see quite clearly we are of much the same mind in how we must approach challenging questions when they strike us so plainly. And yet as I consider it more, I do wonder where the disconnect lies — while your astute mind chooses to wrestle with questions as Jacob might, others’ responses might likely entail passivity. But why should passivity be the response if, as you have noted in your letter these people ‘are by no means exempted from the existential worries and struggles of an active mind’? It would seem that, though the questions are still there and of course their mind must move somewhere, as if like a stream, the purpose and intent behind the movements are not being cognitively chosen; rather, it is as if they are impressed upon them through the unceasingly tumultuous…

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