In Defense of the Thank You

I have nothing clever left to say in this little box; this piece simply defies all expectations.

Rivulet of Reason

My ever evaluative Theodor,

I intended very much so today to turn in for your scoring pleasure an exploration of the necessity of suffering. Yet, remembering your vast ability with a grading pen, I have decided to momentarily refrain and instead write to you about something much more pressing – the Thank You.

As a child, my mother inculcated in me the necessity of the Thank You – gifts and compliments, whether truly pleasant or seemingly only well-intentioned, came also with the responsibility of gratitude on my part. While I was frustrated with this as a youth — why should I be bound by a stipulation on the gift when I could be enjoying the thing itself — I have come to find the Thank you both an absolute necessity and a particularly challenging art to master.

A true compliment is easy to handle:

Bernard: “Hi Walter! I like your…

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