Small Things

Dear reader,
It is with sincere pleasure that I write to inform you of the rebirth of Ernest. However, it seems he must have been among the shades so long as to have forgotten what day it is.
You should definitely read his Hiatus Haiku. Very profound.

Rivulet of Reason

My Ever-patient Theodor,

What constant weather we have had lately. Among other niceties about weather related things I am certain I could go on about and ever more sure you would playfully entertain, I do indeed feel compelled to express a certain appreciation for the current weather I am having.  Although, that does bring to mind my ever-lingering worry of how one possesses weather – but that for another letter.

In your last letter:

“How can an earthly purpose point to a heavenly one?”

A good question, yet one I never meant to arouse in my culmination. While I spoke of Earthly things pointing to a Heavenly purpose, I am not sure I am ready to address Earthly purposes pointing toward Heavenly ones. Take a flavourful tea leaf –roll it between your fingers, arousing aromas permeating your senses – ahh what a wonderful thing. Now stop playing with…

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