All His Fault

Rivulet of Reason

My Utterly Affable Theodor,

If only I had a tall enough hat to tip perhaps it would be representative of how grateful I am for your thoroughly enjoyable and ruminative letter despite its filarially fallacious beginning – yet having not written in quite some time, the bite to it is certainly well warranted. While my original piece had many points, I see you did not address a number of them. It seems only fitting that you work on your counterpoints – perhaps include more next time; a truly elementary mistake. That being said, I doubt this letter will adequately address yours.

In your letter, you speak of Imitation Christis. From the Christian perspective, this is ultimately the goal – that we could imitate Christ; this is precisely the example given of how to live the Christian life, for when tempted he turned to scripture, when he saw examples of faith…

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