The Cereal Lover

Ernest is so witty that I can hardly stand it. Read his letter below:

Rivulet of Reason

My Crunchy Captain Theodor,

You may first observe the tardiness of this letter. While most assuredly your first conclusion is that I have fallen on hard literary times yet again, I must deny you before you think such treacherous thoughts. For as you know, I am a prideful man, and when receiving your letter not on Friday but on Saturday of the week prior to the one that is this letter is currently being penned in, I could not help but feel the intentionality of power escaping me – your way of stating that you had no obligation to respond by the correct day (though I admit you were timid about it – writing just after the day ended. I urge you, be BOLD my dear man.) Not to be outdone, I wilfully waited two days and not just mere hours as a way of reminding you of that pride…

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