Seeking your thoughts on Volition

Ernest’s letter is attached below:

Rivulet of Reason

My epistolary Theodor,

What would happen if Thaddeus really were a cereal lover? If that was his passio, what truly acted upon him and not something that he could avoid, where would it lead? Would he join the company? Promote it? Simply enjoy it every day? Where would it lead?

I fear sometimes we shy from true love. Closing ourselves off from passion, we hide behind timidity of change and don’t allow ourselves to be possessed. We value control – often rightly so. Yet what does our control get us? Are we supposed to be in control? What would happen if we were overcome with passio? What could we do?

It is not simply passio, though. We are created in two parts, both mental and emotional, thinking and feeling. While passio often acts on us – impacting our emotions and feelings, sometimes we lose touch. And when we are no…

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