Immoral Ideas

Here’s Ernest’s letter from Tuesday:

Rivulet of Reason

My Ever Opulent Theodor,

Of all the wealthy men in the world, you must certainly be one of the wealthiest. For wealth should not be defined by monetary means, but rather the market valuation for all you have – what others might give up for what you have. I readily admit, your charm, wit, and intelligence would fetch a shimmery coin – for who else surpasses your knowledge of ancient things? And what finds more value than things long forgotten and scarcely retained?

Wealth is an interesting thing – in modern society, it seems to neither grow nor shrink. Rather, it is merely aggregated and distributed differently over periods of time. This of course only applies to mankind’s wealth rather than individual wealth, but nevertheless creates interesting predicaments.

If the above is true, and mankind’s wealth does not fluctuate in size per se, w hat are the impacts when drilled…

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