A Beautiful Exemplification

Here’s another one of Ernest’s letters. Please enjoy:

Rivulet of Reason

My Ever-Edifying Theodor,

Your insights regarding much mulled over and oft observed situations never cease to fascinate me. How perfect a demonstration of Love that, despite woeful circumstances, Adam chooses continued pursuit of and partnership with Eve.

It would seem, too, that this helps illustrate how Love might be thought of as a beautiful exemplification of what morality should look like. Adam, not finding a suitable mate after cataloguing all in his dominion, has Eve made for him. Being a man, we can assume he found great delight in her, and he even shares his exasperation with us:

This at last is bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh [. . .]

Adam recognizes immediately that this is the partner for him – it could have been no other way. God, then, gives them verbal commands – they cannot eat of one particular tree. Yet when tempted, Eve…

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