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On this blog, I strive to provide intellectually stimulating ideas, arguments, and concepts on a weekly basis.  One can reasonably expect to find at least one new post every friday.  It is my intention to produce work that fuses classical, romantic, secular, and sacred thinking in a way that creates a broad scope that is relevant to the post-modern age we live in, while drawing on ancient ideas.  Being a devout Christian, I write with a tendency to accentuate the qualities of the truth that lead to the Christian conclusion, and sometimes write posts that are purely theological.  However, I also post works that use a more secular scope, and therefore, hope that the secular or atheistic philosopher will also find points of interest and value on this blog that he or she may even feel inclined to further in argument.

I am always pleased to receive as many comments as the internet can hold, and enjoy comments that challenge an idea just as much as those that support it.  Indeed, anything that furthers an argument in any way is much appreciated, but even simple comments, that don’t really do much philosophically, are appreciated as well.  All thoughts and ideas are welcome under just a few conditions: (1) The comments must be rhetorically fair.  This means, assuming they are argumentative, they must be focused and logical, and only tend to the pure truth that is being discussed.  They mustn’t employ tactics that target other areas.  Ad hominem is particularly frowned upon, but all fallacies are to be avoided.  (2) They must be appropriate.  This means no swearing and no immoral references.  Failure to uphold the first of these conditions will probably only result in me pointing out that you are being unfair, but breaking the second of these imperatives will prevent your comment from being approved.  But nothing that is fair and appropriate will be at all censored; I am open to any and all ideas being posted as comments, however strange or disagreeable I might find them.

Furthermore, do not take the previous paragraph to mean that comments must be, by any measure, profoundly significant.  I am also very happy to find little comments like, “that’s silly” or  what have you.  I value forming a sort of online community here, as much as possible.

I occasionally post purely about calculus or some other branch of math, because I’m sort of nerdy like that, but usually all this relates to something in philosophy.  I am a big proponent of the classical idea that all academic subjects are really just a part of the same thing, and on an even more essential level, all of reality is connected in a single fractal that is the Body of Christ.

It is my goal that, aside from my calculus pieces, readers will find my writing not only intellectually stimulating but also fun to read.  For this reason, there will occasionally be a bit of silliness that might appeal to some who read closely.

Lastly, I feel inclined to warn all readers that you will find a considerable amount of spelling misstakes along with grammatical, and syntactical errors; and for this I sincerely appologise.

11 thoughts on “About

  1. Trompeta, por fin he encontrado tu blog. Iba a enviarte un mensaje por correo electrónico, pero me di cuenta de que sólo tengo la dirección de la esquela, y dudo que puedas acceder a ésta ya.

    Así que os ruego a Vuestro Merced que me deis otra manera de comunicar.

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